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October 9, 2013

Today, the Azerbaijani people participated in a free and transparent presidential election and voiced their enthusiastic support for the reelection of President Ilham Aliyev. International observers monitored activity on the ground as women and men from across the country cast their ballots. We were delighted to host Azerbaijanis in the United States while they exercised their right to vote today at the Embassy. The Embassy is pleased to share the following news articles that highlight Azerbaijan’s historic day. Please follow the Embassy on Facebook and Twitter in order to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings.

Election Coverage

Watch a live tally of the election results HERE.

According to preliminary results, Ilham Aliyev wins presidential election in with 84 percent of vote


According to the preliminary results from over 72 percent of polling stations around the country, Ilham Aliyev won today’s presidential election with 2,282,936 votes (84.73 percent).

Azerbaijani Central Election Commission chairman Mazahir Panahov underscored that no one has any doubts about Ilham Aliyev winning the presidential election of Azerbaijan, however country's CEC cannot officially announce the election results, and the final election decision will be made by the Constitutional court.

"We have experienced a historic day. The election was carried out at a high level. Big activity of the voters was observed. In general about 72.31 percent of voters participated in the election," he said. He went on to say that with help of webcams, which were installed at 1,000 polling stations, the whole world was watching the elections.

CEC: 72 percent of voters participated in Azerbaijani presidential election

According to the results at 7:00pm local time, the voters’ activity during the presidential election in Azerbaijan amounted to 72.31 percent (3,720,643 voters), Azerbaijan’s Central Election Comission announced Wednesday. Azerbaijan has 5,145,643 registered voters.

President Ilham Aliyev addresses nation on preliminary results of elections


President Ilham Aliyev has addressed the nation on the preliminary results of the presidential elections. The president expressed his gratitude for the votes given to him, “I am grateful to the native people, who gave me great confidence and re-elected to the presidency. I want to assure the people of Azerbaijan that I will continue to serve adequately my nation, will always defend national interests of Azerbaijan.”

US Polling Firm: Ilham Aliyev wins Azerbaijani presidential election with 82.7 percent

AJF and Associates Inc, an American polling firm, released results of an exit poll conducted among voters in the presidential election in Azerbaijan. The results showed current President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, candidate of the ruling New Azerbaijan party, winning with 82.7 percent of votes.

Heads of state congratulate Ilham Aliyev on victory in presidential elections

President of Turkey Abdullah Gul called President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on October 9, and congratulated him on his victory in the presidential election. The Turkish president wished Aliyev success in his activities for the Azerbaijani people's prosperity.

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych also made a phone call to Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev on October 9. The Ukrainian President congratulated the Head of State on his confident victory in the presidential election, and wished him success in his presidential activities for the welfare of Azerbaijani people.

German observer: Activity of voters observed at presidential election in Azerbaijan

During the presidential election in Azerbaijan, the activity of voters is being observed by international officials. One member of the observation mission, Hakki Keskin, a representative from the German Parliament, said, "There have been no negative incidents registered at the stations where we conduct observation."

PACE delegation head: No problems yet observed during presidential election in Azerbaijan


No problems have yet been observed during the presidential election voting in Azerbaijan, head of the PACE observation delegation Robert Walter told journalists in Baku on Wednesday, after a visit to the second Yasamal constituency polling location no. 16. Walter also visited constituency no. 10, where some 1,435 voters have been registered

US observer: “Voter turnout in Azerbaijan is higher than in the US”

“The elections are being held transparently," said US observer and Professor of Economics David Podoff.

He noted that the voter turnout in Azerbaijan is higher than in the US: “This is important for the future of the country. As an education worker, I can say that I see the issues from various standpoints. I’m so touched by buildings of polling stations, their establishment in the schools. This indicates that future of the country depends on its educated youths. I evaluate this election process with the 4.5 points from 5-point evaluation.”

PACE Observer: “Azerbaijani women are taking an active part in the organization of elections”


“I have not observed any irregularity since the presidential elections started in Azerbaijan. In fact, the process is going on easily and conveniently,” British member of PACE, observer Mike Hancock told APA.

He specifically stressed Azerbaijani women’s activity in the elections: “I would like to express my respect to them, because they are taking an active part in the organization of elections. I have been to at least 10 polling stations. I have not seen even minor shortcomings that people might complain. The other important thing is that many people are coming to vote. They are friendly. No one is nervous. In general, I can say that today is still very successful and believe it will continue so.”

Polling station opens at Azerbaijani embassy in US


Polling station No 38 of the Yasamal first constituency No 15 started functioning at 8.00 am on 9 October at the Azerbaijani embassy in US. Polling stations have been set up at 38 Azerbaijani diplomatic missions across the globe.

You can view an album of election activities at the Embassy of Azerbaijan here, as well as an album of first-time voters here.

Baku, city of lights

As this column is being written, the voting population (about 4 million out of 9 million nationwide) of Azerbaijan is at the voting polls to elect their president. Ten people are contending for the position, led by the incumbent, Ilham Aliyev, who has served his country for two terms already.

Today our group of journalists from the Philippines invited to observe the election process are visiting a number of voting polls in Baku. There are around 5,000 of these polls across the country. The other day, we were at three of these voting places, one at the University of Politics and Governance, the other, at another university, and the third, at a secondary school. Everything seemed all-go for the elections – voting booths with red curtains for privacy, lists of voters pasted on the walls, indelible ink to be sprayed on voter’s fingers (they don’t use thumbmarks), and men and women full of enthusiasm over the coming electoral exercise.

Azerbaijani elections – and the President is ….
CNN iReport

No doubt, that free and fair election is a cornerstone of all forms of democracy. And this year’s elections showed that Azerbaijanis take a great pride in their input in the governance. The outcome will matter. At stake is the continuing economic growth and socio-political security that has placed Azerbaijan in the global mainstream. With this in mind every single Azerbaijani I’ve talked to were committed to do everything possible to make sure that today’s elections are transparent, free and fair.

Pre-Election Coverage

Op-Ed: Democracies don’t just spring up
The Hill

Is Azerbaijan’s democracy without growing pains? No. However, it is much further along in the democratic building process than most other emerging democracies throughout the world, and it needs U.S. support and encouragement. Will the elections in these and other emerging democracies be perfect? Probably not. But this brings us back to the original point: democracies don’t just appear. They must be built, carefully and over time. It is a deliberate process and an important one. The U.S. needs to get past its intransigence and lack of understanding and support each of the required steps to build democracies that one day just may be strong as our own.

About 12,000 Azerbaijani citizens will vote abroad

About 12,000 Azerbaijani citizens will be able to vote abroad on October 9. In this regard, 38 polling stations have been set up at Azerbaijan’s diplomatic missions around the world, spokesman for Foreign Ministry Elman Adbullayev told APA. “The ballot papers, protocols have already been sent to all polling stations abroad. They have been given necessary instructions by the Central Election Commission and the Foreign Ministry,” said Abdullayev.


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